The One, the Only, the Dental Dam


If you’ve been paying attention the past five years or so of your life, you should have noticed by now that everyone really wants you to have safe sex. And honestly, I do too in case you’re wondering. But what if you are looking to have safe oral sex?

So we all know that when we get down and dirty in the sheets, or the couch, or that one bathroom in North Quad, it’s not only about sex. There are many other things we all do for sexual pleasure. But since when has anyone preached about safe non-sex? I don’t remember my 10th grade sexual education teacher telling me I could contract Herpes if I preformed oral sex do you? In fact, I don’t remember anyone ever telling me anything about oral sex except these two French women on spring break telling me how to take a “blowjob” shot (“The best advice I ever got honey, was to just suck!”). But this isn’t the problem. The problem is that if you are with a significant, or insignificant other, and about to perform fellatio you aren’t thinking about STIs as much as you would be if you were about to have sex.

SO WHAT TO DO? Dental Dams protect against oral-vaginal and oral-anal sex. Yes, it’s true they aren’t commonly used however they get the job done! They protect against herpes, genital warts, HIV, and other STIs. Dental Dams are square and made out of latex – you place it over area that you are preforming oral sex, and voila! STI FREE!  They come in different flavors too just like flavored condoms, in fact they can even be made out of condoms. For more information on Dental Dams visit:

Just remember not to use Dental Dams or flavored condoms twice, and neither of these should be use for vaginal or anal intercourse. If you still have questions you can visit/email/call UHS SEXPERT team, which can be found in a link on the left. On a holiday related note – if anyone knows if they have holiday-flavored condoms and dental dams let us know! Remember safety first!

Get Sum Stats: STDs


STD Infographic

So they say that nearly half of the 19 million new cases of STDs a year happen to 15-24 year olds (CDC). So what? How does this influence your life? Well if half of the new cases of STDs occur in people around your age, the people you are more likely to come into contact with and have sex with, then that makes YOU more likely to get an STD (or several)! Many people overlook some of the statistics about sexual health that are thrown their way, but these figures are important to take into account. Nobody wants to be the one that is shunned because they have an STD, nobody wants to be the one responsible for passing it along to unsuspecting partners. By looking at the statistic, you need to realize that you are not indestructible, anyone who does not practice safe sexual practices is significantly more vulnerable to contract an STD.

There are ways to practice safe sex, such as using condoms to limit transmission of STDs that are in bodily fluid. Or use  dental dams to prevent skin-to-skin transmission of STDs. So do yourself and everyone you sleep with a favor, get tested and talk to partners to know the risks that you present each other. Check out some prevention tips at and other resources the website has to offer. Also, try this free quiz to test your knowledge of STDs!

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Get SUM Free Stuff: Really, just take it.


yes (749) Animated Gif on Giphy

Target Lady (SNL’s Kirsten Wiig) is almost as enthusiastic as we are to show people how much free stuff our campus has to offer. (see for more)

Besides chanting “Go Blue!” at a moment’s notice, there is something else everyone in Ann Arbor loves: free stuff. Although plenty of people on campus are sexually active, free sexual health materials usually divert eyes and cause by-passers to speed-walk away as fast as possible.

One of our missions at the Health Issues Commission (HIC) of CSG is to promote sexual health, which means providing opportunities for everyone to be informed and safe. We want students to know about the quantity of free (and if not free, easily accessible) sexual health materials available to them in multiple buildings on campus, not only to educate them about their own choices, but to spread the word and promote the general health of our community.

We are here to serve you, the student body, and are dedicated to providing the resources to enjoy safe sex and stay healthy.  

On that note, please visit these places (or look at the more extensive list of our partners) and tell someone you know that condoms, HIV and STD testing, lube, contraception, information packets and more are available. Even if you don’t need it or want it, someone else will.