Get SUM Free Stuff: Really, just take it.


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Target Lady (SNL’s Kirsten Wiig) is almost as enthusiastic as we are to show people how much free stuff our campus has to offer. (see for more)

Besides chanting “Go Blue!” at a moment’s notice, there is something else everyone in Ann Arbor loves: free stuff. Although plenty of people on campus are sexually active, free sexual health materials usually divert eyes and cause by-passers to speed-walk away as fast as possible.

One of our missions at the Health Issues Commission (HIC) of CSG is to promote sexual health, which means providing opportunities for everyone to be informed and safe. We want students to know about the quantity of free (and if not free, easily accessible) sexual health materials available to them in multiple buildings on campus, not only to educate them about their own choices, but to spread the word and promote the general health of our community.

We are here to serve you, the student body, and are dedicated to providing the resources to enjoy safe sex and stay healthy.  

On that note, please visit these places (or look at the more extensive list of our partners) and tell someone you know that condoms, HIV and STD testing, lube, contraception, information packets and more are available. Even if you don’t need it or want it, someone else will.